Young, Black and making it in Construction

Some of Mahlungu’s work

Having a successful business does not only require capital but a lot of things, love for the business being the most important.

Mandlenkosi Mahlangu (29) is an example of a successful business owner. He has a construction company, Mandlalihle Building Construction Projects, which offers quality services in architectural construction.

Mandlalihle Building Construction Projects focuses on building works and civil works, but its main focus is on renovation projects, where they innovate spaces and make them brand new. They also do interior designing on new houses.” I have a passion of reviving things which are regarded to be nothing and make them new,” Mahlangu says.

The company has special material from India which they use to create things like tables, counter tops, bath tabs, and many others. Mahlangu has done renovations, painting, tiling, lighting, roofing and more, for major government companies like ERWAT, a water company owned by the City of Ekurhuleni, City Power, Rand Water and Johannesburg Road Agency.

Mahlangu started the business in 2014, when he decided to quit his Sales Consultant job to pursue his MBA Studies, and it was during his studies that he started the company.

Employees of Mandlalihle Building Construction Projects

His reason for starting the company is because he wants to leave a generational legacy. “I want to live even after I die,” he says.

Mahlangu explains that the company will carry his name for ever, to bring things to life and create beautiful spaces, “so each time I renovate or do interior design I think of it from the family’s perspective, because I, myself, come from an architecturally beautiful home. Mahlangu also mentioned that he’s now looking to do business on complexes.

The beautiful thing about Mandlalihle Building Construction Projects is that it is owned by a young, black person. Not only that but also provides quality work that’s long-lasting and leaves its clients happy. “We go the extra mile and do beyond what’s required to keep clients happy,” Mahlangu concludes.

Visit Mandlalihle at: Plot 42 13th Road Witpoort Brakpan or get hold of Mahlangu by email