We are BokoHaram: We Mug, Kill and Torment residents of KwaThema

The community of Kwa-Thema has been invaded by a new gang that is gaining momentum every day. The gang, known as Boko Haram, has notoriously proclaimed its fame through murdering, raping and mugging its victims.

Screen shot of an alleged member of the Wrong Turn gang being burnt alive in Daveyton in the year 2018.

It is believed that the gang members reside in Bacerlona and Extension 3 (Kwa-Thema). A resident of the community said the gang “is made up of a group of young people, with the sole aim of bringing destruction to the community”. The group is made up of boys who are aged between 21 and 23 years.
You will never see them committing crime in Bacerlona where most of them are based, instead, they “operate around Extension 3, Extension 5 and in places where people have fun at night”, said the resident. He added that their plan is to dominate and rule over the community using crime.

Another concerned resident mentioned that the gang will go to great lengths to get what and who they are looking for. “They once entered into Phulong Secondary School, to drag the person they wanted out, I fear for my sister and every other learner”, said the concerned resident.

A mother of a 20-year-old boy who was mugged by the gang expressed that the way the gang is growing she feels like it’s either the police fear the gang or some are closely working with them. After reporting her son’s case she feels that she received no help.

Community members also took to social media expressing their fears and encounters with this gang. What started out as a group of boys mugging people around Bacerlona has grown into the entire community fearing for their lives. As residents from different parts of their community have shared their experiences on Facebook.

KwaTsaDuza Times did contact the Kwa-Thema SAPS regarding this gang and no comments were made by the SAPS at the time this article was published.