Violence at Kwa-Thema Hostel caused by forced rent over picking from the dumping site

There was shooting reported on Tuesday evening at Kwa-Thema Hostel between residents who are fighting over garbage control. The fighting began in November 2018 where residents were against the garbage control system which forces them to rent for picking up recyclable material from the dumping site. The unfair garbage control system was introduced by certain men who had made themselves “dumping site managers” at the hostel.

It is said that these men have been forcing residents who make a living through picking and selling recyclable material to pay R300 every Friday so that they can be allowed to pick up material useful for recycling like steel and mostly plastic bottles. Residents, including those from the nearby informal settlement started complaining about the unfair treatment of having to pay the R300 every week.

No one was injured during the shooting and no one was arrested.

Kwa-Thema Hostel seems to have become one of the unsafe hostels in the East Rand. This follows violent events reported to have taken place at the hostel in the past years. In 2017, a disabled man was allegedly shot by an unknown man and died on the scene.
During the police invasion at the hostel in December 2017, several men were arrested for possession of drugs like marijuana, nyaope and another for selling liquor without a licence.

Residents are concerned about the continuing of this fight and they are afraid it is going to get worse as the days go by, since those “managing” the dumping site are refusing to withdraw the rental policy.