UDM Youth Vanguard reacts to Sona

United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard  (UDMYV) says President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) has sketched a beautiful picture of what each South African wants our country to be.

It is a bold dream which harks back to Martin Luther King’s seminal speech. Yet, the president was scarce on detail and how we will achieve this dream and by when, the party says.

UDMYV Gauteng provincial Secretary Yongama Zigebe says president Ramaphosa’s ideas come at a time when young South Africans feel hopeless after decades of promises by his predecessors. “What we actually need from the president is decisive leadership and a clear and precise plan on solving the issues that daily affect young people,” says Zigebe.

Yongama Zigebe, UDMYV Secretary Gauteng.

“His declaration that youth unemployment is a crisis was a step in the right direction. However, planning to create two million jobs in the next ten years does not provide a solution that is in tandem with the severe crisis we face right now,” adds Zigebe.

However, the UDMYV has welcomed the undertaking that government will expand high-tech industries by ensuring that the legal and regulatory frameworks promote innovation, intensive skills development for young people, and reduction of data costs.

“We welcome President Ramaphosa’s commitment that the Minister of Communications will provide impetus to this process by putting in place policy direction to ICASA (the Independent Communications Authority) to commence with the spectrum licensing,” says Zigebe.

He continues to say, “The UDM Youth Vanguard believes that this policy direction should have been in place long ago, since the calls for the reduction in data prices was announced by ICASA in 2018.”

Zigebe says they call on the Minister of Communications to fast-track this and in the next twelve months work towards declaring broadband a basic need for sustainable development, in accordance to the United Nations report of 2018.

“We call on all young South Africans to exert pressure to ensure that this is implemented and implemented fast,” asserts Zigebe.