The local hip-hop artist “CostaKay”

Karabo Costa (27) is a hip-hop artist who truly believes in God. A writer, others say he is a motivator, and he is also a Sales Executive by profession, though his passion is nothing related to sales but music.

Karabo Costa “CostaKay”. Kwa-Thema-born rapper.

The hip-hop artist is well known as CostaKay and was born and bred in Kwa-Thema. He started music at the age of 12 by writing poetry and then eventually went into to rap music, that being influenced by the old school hip-hop artists at that time, the likes of 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z and others.

Costa is not mediocre at what he does because with his music he impacts people’s lives positively. “The talent that I have of being a hip-hop artist is from God,” Costa says. He brings his personality in each song he writes, which makes him different. “Music is my life; there is nothing I enjoy doing more than music, it is meant for me I believe,” he says. This is one of the things that keep Costa on his feet and consistent as an artist.

The local artist has worked with other prominent artists and performed at different places. MicheeGold, a female rapper, is one such artist, and Costa has also worked with the Black Pharaohs record label and Versatile Records, to name a few. Costa says his biggest achievement in his music career is his fans because they are a big motivation. “There is nothing (more) beautiful than to know that someone out there is interested in what you do.”

Something to look out for from Costa is an EP titled ‘Truth Be Told’, that will be coming out soon. “I’m so excited about it. I’ve always wanted to do a tap and by God’s grace and power I finally did,” he adds. He also mentions two artists he worked with, Rato M and Qulee.

The EP’s production is done by Gift from JustPressPlay Media, one of the best around Kwa-Thema. “I appreciate everyone who supports me every way, my family, people I work with and my fans. But most importantly I thank God Almighty,” Costa concludes.