The Democratic Alliance takes the provincial manifesto to the people

The Democratic Alliance launched its provincial manifesto at Saulsville Arena in Pretoria on Saturday. With the elections looming political parties are busy going up down the country.

On paper the upcoming elections look to be the vital one since the 1994 democratic election in the country. With less than ten weeks remaining the organizations have made this years campaign more and more interesting.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane.Picture:DA/Twitter.

DA is considered to be an archrival of the governing party as its rules large amounts of the major municipalities in the Western Cape and Gauteng provinces respectively.
DA Gauteng Premier candidate Solly Msimanga was there and he said they chose to launch their manifesto in Saulsville because they want the people to know what to expect when they cast their votes.

Amongst other things that DA have in their manifesto is radically dealing with the issue of proper documentation of immigrants and Msimanga said for the country to achieve that, home affairs should firstly get rid of corrupt officials and redeploy the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) back to the boarders.

“In any self respected country you can not have people undocumented it’s not just in Gauteng, we want to see this on a national basis and immigrants can come to South Africa and we want them to and we also want them to respect our laws” expressed Executive mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba, on the issue of proper documentation for immigrants.

Amongst other DA’s policies are that they do not support the expropriation of land without compensation and Mashaba said who ever feel that their land was stolen should bring evidence.

“In terms of the taxi violence that are happening in our country, we want the people of the nation to assist us in ensuring that we bring stability into Gauteng and other provinces that were affected by these unfortunate incidents” said Mashaba
Mashaba said they have opened six drug rehabilitation centers in Johannesburg and they are looking to close or monitor boarders in an attempt to stop drugs from coming into the country.

“Our support is much more than the support we had five years ago, and you will see on the election day 08 May and that DA will come out victorious” concluded Mashaba.