The community takes the law into their hands

Two(2) African males were found assaulted and one of them already dead on arrival of the police at Mawuwane street, Tsakane , on the 18th of May. After the sector vehicle was dispatched by the radio control at 18:00.

It is alleged by the complaint(survived victim) that he was standing with his deceased brother at one of the gates at Hukai street, Ext 8, Tsakane when they were approached by an African male who is of residence of the Hukai street who asked them why they were standing in that street and he carried on to accuse them of committing the house breakings that are in high volumes in the area.

The African male started to call the community which responded to his whistle blowing , then started to assault the two brothers. When they stopped assaulting them, the other brother managed to carry his brother to the Mawuwane street were he died while his brother was seeking help.

The South African Police Services(SAPS) station commander of Tsakane, Colonel Johannes Mass expressed his disappointment as a human beings lost his life under such circumstances. He appeals with the community not to take the law in their hands, when such happens.