Stokfella owner and CEO Tshepo Moloi is one of the speakers at the Township Business Gala Dinner

Tshepo Moloi

Tshepo Moloi is a young entrepreneur, a financial guru who is the brains behind a company and mobile application called Stokfella that serves to transform the stokvel industry that is worth more than forty-billion rand. StokFella is designed to help stokvels managing their savings and investments, to manage payments.

He came up with the app in 2016 after his own experiences and unsuccessful journey as a member of a stokvel. Mr. Moloi created the StokFella app to solve the administrative headaches; making it simple, easy, quick to access & manage all stokvel information. The app also introduces and explains investments options such as crowd funding.

Stokfella has more than 9000 registered users who personally registered or were registered by stokvel executives.

Stokfella achievements:

  • StokFella recently won the MTN Business App of the Year.
  • StokFella named Top 100 Fintech Apps in Africa for 2 consecutive years.

Mr. Moloi holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Tshepo Moloi will be addressing the topic “Stokvels and Crowd-funding” at the Township Business Gala Dinner.