Mayor Masina delivers the State of the City Address

Executive Mayor Cllr Mzwandile Masina. Picture/twitter

Executive Mayor Cllr Mzwandile Masina delivered the State of the City Address for the year 2019 at the City of Ekurhuleni new Council of Chambers, Germiston Civic Centre on Wednesday.
With only six days after the Humans rights day and merely four days till we cross over to the month of April and having 41 days to the 2019 General Elections.

Mayor Mzwandile Masina outlined a clear programme of action to advance a pro-poor agenda to a guiding philosophy. As an action plan to achieve the outcome over a period of 5 years, he said they would:
• Electricifty all informal settlement,
• Provide 59 000 service stands,
• Establish a commission to fight fraud and corruption,
• Launch an app to communities to report service delivery challenges,
• Strongly pursue the issue of the establishment of an Ekurhuleni university,
• Improve service delivery through visible, impactful and optimal, programmes supported by Capex,
• Making informal settlements more habitable through the upscaling of services,
• Build an Ekurhuleni power station,
• Launch the BRT,
• Accelerate Wi-Fi rollouts ,
• Create a signature mega arts and culture festival for the city,
• Promote preservation of water usage and continue investing in water infrastructure to ensure security of supply,
• Construction of 100 000 housing units,
• Build internal capacity to minimize outsourcing of key municipal services,
• Increase the number of local clinics piloting the 24-hour health care programmes.

Mayor Masina alongside the City Manager Dr Imogen Mashazi. Picture/twitter

The city having appointed the first female City Manager, Dr Imogen Mashazi. Mayor Masina said they will ensure that there is a balance of gender and prioritization of locals as there are only 5 vacancies within top management that will be filled in due time.

Further on he pointed out that “ In light of the fact that we are the youngest city and with much more pronounced spatial legacy of apartheid, we should all be proud that we are now ranked as the City affording its citizens with the highest quality of life in comparison to other metros in the province.”

The Mayor highlighted the progress that has been achieved within the context of what was an unusual political setup. He thanked the ANC caucus and the political leadership of the regional ANC for the overall guidance and support.