Makhura’s cabinet announcement delay impacting negatively on service delivery – Solly Msimanga

Gauteng premier David Makhura was set to make the announcement on his provincial cabinet on Tuesday, however, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has learnt that infighting amongst the African National Congress (ANC) members has resulted in these delays. This clearly indicates that the ANC is a party in disarray, according to the DA’s Solly Msimanga, who was the official opposition’s Gauteng premier candidate.

The ANC’s Gauteng Provincial Legislature members are fighting over MEC positions which shows that they only care about enriching themselves and not the needs of Gauteng’s residents, says Msimanga. Gauteng premier David Makhura image.

Msimanga also warns that, “The Premier’s decisions must not only be based on struggle credentials but also competence and the ability to lead and deliver better services to our people.”

“The longer Makhura delays his appointments, the more our people will suffer as there will be no provincial government services being rendered. Gauteng’s government departments cannot function properly without a political head to provide much needed direction,” Msimanga also adds.

Msimanga, whose party is also the official opposition in the province, also expresses concern about what he alleges to be the ruling party’s poor governance in the province. “Gauteng residents have suffered enough under an ANC-led administration and we can longer tolerate such underperformance.”

“The DA calls on Premier Makhura to appoint his cabinet as a matter of urgency so that provincial departments can begin to provide services to the people of this province,” Msimanga adds.

In a statement, premier Makhura announced that the delays were only caused by the ongoing consultations within the governing party.

This follows after the ANC officials met with its alliance partners, the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) on Monday evening.

Gauteng Cosatu provincial secretary Dumisani Dakile says that they expected nothing less than strong members of the provincial executive, given the slight majority with which the ANC had retained power.