“Make up by Palesa”

Make-Up By Palesa at its best

25-year-old Tsakane based make up artist, Palesa Mlangeni, gave us insight on her service-based make-up business “Make up by Palesa.”

Born in the dusty streets of Duduza, Palesa has always loved dressing up and playing with her mother’s make-up, painting her face. She describes her childhood as very fun, as she spent a lot of time by herself and enjoying her own company since she was an only child. She says that this is one of the reasons she has such a strong independent leadership style. “I prefer leading instead of being led,” she says.

Self-taught make-up artist says make-up application is something she used to do on herself and her peers for fun. She was overwhelmed by her peers’ response to her craft, and before she knew it, she had gained a lot of appreciation and recognition, and people in large numbers were requiring her services and even willing to pay her for her services and that is how “Make up by Palesa” was born.

Palesa Mlangeni’s genius work – Make-Up By Palesa

The biggest challenge for her was the start-up capital as she did not have enough funds to purchase the necessary equipment and products to start working with the masses. Like many entrepreneurs, she had to dig out of her own pocket and luckily, she had great support from friends and family who lent a helping hand where required. Her biggest highlights have been the relationships she has made with the wonderful ladies who have been part of her journey. “I have made lifelong friends, received guidance, shared laughter and created memories,” she says. For her, being part of weddings makes her heart dance as she feels privileged to be part of the biggest day of a woman’s life.

Palesa has a bigger vision for her business. With hard work and dedication, she sees “Make up by Palesa” being a make-up line available to everyone around the country and internationally and she hopes to run local beauty shows and make up workshops. Palesa says her clients’ response to her work, the happy dances, mirror obsessions and countless selfies is what inspires her to strive and keep doing great things. Palesa is a powerhouse and you can follow her beautiful journey on Facebook: Make-up by Palesa and Instagram: Makeup_by_Palesa.

Palesa freely gave our readers a fun make-up tip: “Fill in your natural brows, do not redraw or resize them, keep them in their natural size and shape. We all have unique features and we don’t necessarily have to look the same.”

It was indeed a pleasure talking to Palesa Mlangeni.