Langaville teams invited to Youth Day ‘dusty sports’ fest

Dusty Sports Occasional Knockout (DUSOK) is calling on football and netball teams from Langaville to register to participate in its sports festival that is set to be held in the area on the weekend of the 15th and 16th of June, which is known as Youth Day.

The organization, which seeks to develop different sports particularly in Langaville, is looking for four senior and four Under-15 football teams, as well as four netball teams, to be part of this event. The two-day fest is set to be hosted at a Langaville sports ground that is yet to be confirmed.

Event coordinator Mduduzi Khumalo says the event is, for time being, exclusive to Langaville teams because they wish to start developing sports in their area before extending it to other parts of KwaTsaDuza and the entire Gauteng province. “DUSOK is trying to bring change in the area. The grounds here are muddy, so, for now, we’re focused on Langaville with the intention of developing its sports, because the more we develop sports here, the more [likely that] maybe the powers that be will realize that tournaments do take place in the area, and maybe they will make a plan.”

Teams that wish register have until Friday to do so, and Khumalo does admit that those that come from other parts of KwaTsaDuza would be welcome to take part, should they not get the 12 from within Langaville by the cut-off date. The affiliation fees vary for the football and the netball teams, and prizes include cash, trophies and medals.

“It doesn’t mean the other teams are not allowed to enter. If ever the home teams have not showed up, we would accept a team that comes from wherever; we could take in a team from Kwa-Thema, we have no problem with that. It’s not like we’re discriminating; it’s just that for now, we gave those ones (from Langaville) the opportunity because they often complain about having to travel far to play tournaments, so we’re saying, ‘We are doing this for you, come’, but if they don’t show up, and other teams do, we will give them the opportunity. This is not closed for anyone,” explains Khumalo.

Khumalo also says DUSOK is also willing to organize tournaments for sports other than football and netball, should they get such requests.

Teams that wish to affiliate for the Youth Day fest can contact Khumalo on 081 272 0011, or Mandla Gininda on 071 222 2942.