Lady Night not going down

Constance Nomvula Nagi (20) also known as Lady Night was born in the dusty streets of a small kasi called Kwa-Thema. She started modeling through a friend all in the name of having fun and being all out. “Little did I know that I would fall in love completely with the stage, socializing and the camera,” she says.

She was told that when you are a model you feel like a queen and with that being said, she always wanted to be a queen, own her own throne of crowns and beauty and through a playful mind at first, only modeling gave her that and from that day, she never looked back. “I once contested for the Miss Ekhurhuleni competition hosted by Black Fusion and I lost, for the first time in life I felt walls of pain closing in on me, but I didn’t find it in me to give up.”

After falling on the stumbling block, Lady Night found a reason to keep nerving and went all out for modeling and art as a whole, which is when she took part in a modeling competition hosted by Jimmy under the Jimmy Modeling Agency and she got the first position, which brought back the self-esteem that was almost drowned down the drain by one fail.

The multi-talented Nomvula is not only a dazzling model but is also a good singer, actor and dancer. However; like any other female artists, she has also encountered few challenges throughout her career, “though here and there I had financial problems when it came to transport money for photoshoots or for recording, the greatest of them all was always being asked by producers or camera men to sleep with them so that I can get what I want and I would refuse,” – she says explaining the hardships she has faced along the way. The refusal to sleep with them at some point did close a few doors but she couldn’t careless because she always knew that she will meet genuine people in the industry.

Apart from Black Fusion and Jimmy Modeling Agency, the young and strong Nomvula got a chance to work with one of the biggest fashion showcases in the East Rand known as Kwa-Thema Fashion Week. She says that this is when she got to rub shoulders with many people in the industry whom she met and is still looking forward to meeting more amazing people in her field.

Lady Night looks up to her grandmother who taught her to be independent at all times and expect no man to carry her up. She says that, even though all doors are closed right on her face she will still shine and have her own organization where she will teach young people to always go for what they want unapologetically. She continued to say that whether doors close or open, forward is the right way to go. ‘’In the days of my life I will be an inspiration to all walks of life… believe in yourself, be you, do you, and don’t take so much of what people say into heart because people will always have something to say about you.”