KwaTsaDuza Times’ apology to Legends Village Pub & Shisanyama

09 May 2019

Mr. Themba Shongwe:

I am writing this letter to express my sincerest apology for allowing an article that mentions your business to be published without verifying the details.

On the 4th May 2019 a news article was published on KwaTsaDuza Times’ website. The article was titled “We are BokoHaram: We Mug, Kill and Torment residents of KwaThema“. The second paragraph of this article contained a quote from our source (which we cannot reveal) that explained that this BokoHaram gang operates in ext. 3 and 5 where people have fun at night, then this line proceeded to say, “such as Legends Village.”

Though the story is true, the name of your business was not supposed to be mentioned without giving you an opportunity to issue a statement regarding this. I sincerely apologise for this because it is entirely KwaTsaDuza Times’ responsibility to verify all the information that we receive. I do, on behalf of KwaTsaDuza Times, apologise for any and all the inconveniences that this line has caused for your business.

In addition to this apology letter, I have communicated to you what we will be doing to attempt to rectify the situation. We have already removed the name of your business from the article. This letter will also be published to vindicate your business. We will also run a month-long marketing campaign for your business free of charge on our website and social media.

I trust that this will atone for the damage caused to your business’ reputation

Please do accept KwaTsaDuza Times’ apology once again.


Yours Sincerely


Thabo Paul August

CEO of KwaTsaDuza Times (Pty) Ltd