Kwa-Thema Ext. 3 comes alive at Masehla’s Place

Owner Albert Masehla.

Known for its signature nightlife hotspots, Kwa-Thema is arguably the coolest ‘kasi’ in KwaTsaDuza, which is why it is no surprise that there is a rapid growth of small pubs making a name for themselves around the community. One such pub, Masehla’s Place, which is nestled in the heart of Extension 3, took over Saturday night by hosting viral deejay, DJ Jaivane.

Owner Albert Masehla says his intention was not only to throw a great party, but to bring someone to his neighbourhood who people would usually have to travel far to see. “We used to host small events around here, pitching small tents and creating a vibe. We did it to help up-and-coming DJs get a platform to learn and showcase their skills. This is the first time we actually call a celebrity DJ to come play,” says Masehla.

Singers J. Doll and Nukie.

The owner hopes to inspire the community, as he explains that, “We want to show people that things like this are also possible in our neighbourhood; we look forward to hosting bigger names.”
Resident DJ Nhlanhla Thabethe (DJ Storoma’n dee djj_SA) says, “Since playing here, I’ve gained a lot of experience. I now have something to be proud of, Masehla’s Place has changed my life.” Nhlanhla started his DJ career with fellow DJ, Thabo Makua (DJ Makhekhe), at Masehla’s Place. As a duo, known as Gods of Destruction, they approached the owner with a proposal which led to them playing every weekend as resident DJs.
“Sharing the stage with DJ Jaivane is a big deal for me. People will now talk about me and my work because of it. I’ll be able to prove that I can get to the same level as DJ Jaivane as long as I consistently work hard,” says Thabethe.

Thabo Makua advocated for Masehla’s Place as an incredible launch for his career: “When we first started playing here there are skills we learnt on the job from playing regularly. Things like how to manage a crowd and what kind of music to play at a certain time during a set.” The duo says it is looking forward to further improving their skills, and that they enjoy working with live bands that also need a platform to showcase their talents.

DJ Jaivane during his set.

DJ Jaivane came as advertised, taking the night to greater heights with his amazing set. “I enjoyed playing here and I especially appreciate the people and the love,” DJ Jaivane said before making his way to his next gig.