Her Story in a Stanza

She tasted the devil’s tongue and she got twisted, look at her. Slow and slim as a snake shedding its skin, she’s green. Soaked in dirty water like algae, slippery blanket of everything and anything goes, anywhere pulled she gets close. She turned her skin as a foreskins, her legs as a belt of loose waisted men.

Her breasts are for every sucker, she is wasted n twisted as her tongue. She is black and dark blue, light is far from her face that goes even beyond inner thighs of lost women, licking their man’s semen.

Devouring on their vibrations she a quantum of dark spirits that preoccupies her presence, hence she’s unseen. But she was once a saint you know? Wasn’t always like this she was clean, beautiful fine and fit, every man’s dream, smooth operator, firm in belief, sings and speaks well. She respected herself, was hard to resist and had a strong character. She was a ball of everything good, I guess she landed on the wrong foot, a player with spiked boots, twisted.


Written by Khosi Versatile Maseko