Picture of Bongani Luvalo

Father’s Day Tribute by Cool Dads Foundation founder, Bongani Luvalo, at the Township Business Gala Dinner

Picture of Bongani Luvalo
Cool Dads Foundation founder Bongani Luvalo

A “Cool Dad” of note, Bongani Luvalo, will be giving a Father’s Day Tribute at the Township Business Gala Dinner this coming Sunday.

Bongani is a philanthropist, young activist, entrepreneur and development practitioner. He is the founder of Cool Dads Foundation, a non-profit organisation to exists to respond and address issues of fatherhood in communities.

Cool Dads Foundation aims to engage with fathers from all walks of life regarding this all-important role of fathering and reminding them of their fundamental responsibility towards their children as well as the fatherless children in their communities. “A ‘Cool Dad’ is a present father who not only responds to his own children’s needs, but also of those without fathers,” says Bongani.

Cool Dad Foundation is more than a mouthpiece, it is a deeply rooted community-base organisation which implements action to drive change in fathers and encouraging them to play a more meaningful role in theirs children’s lives and community.