EFF leader Julius Malema to celebrate 38th birthday with children.

EFF CIC Julius Malema, a family mana

EFF Commander in Chief Julius Malema will celebrate his 38th birthday with kids from Entokozweni Creche at Orange farm, Gauteng, on March the 3rd. Malema is currently on a campaign trial ahead of the May elections in his home town province Limpopo.

The EFF leader continues to urge EFF supporters to stand out to make a difference and that they must be recognized as a source of good idea and solutions.
Malema said this when he was addressing the community of Lepelle Nkumpi in Limpopo.

Among other things that the party continues to commit itself are:

  • Adaptation of the national health care system that focuses primarily on health care, quality clinics and disease profiling through public health care facilities.
  • Implementation of an immunization and vaccination program which will cover 100% of South Africans by 2024.

The EFF government’s approach to healthcare will be based on the pillars of prevention, promotion and education on health care.

The party also promises to regularise and fully integrate community health care worker’s as full employees of the state who will be responsible for the provision of quality health Care in each and every community.

The party also sent condolences to the family and friends of up and coming actor Sibusiso Kwiwana who was killed on Thursday after being mugged by thugs .
EFF said the passing of a young person is always a painful loss , even worse when it is due to crime.

The party has called on all the police to find the criminals. The country must put up a fight to reclaim the streets from violent criminals who are prepared to take someone’s life over a cell phone. Society must defend itself and reclaim every corner at any hour of the day and light.