Economics, the central theme at the Kingdom Finances Seminar

On 13 July 2019 at 1 pm, Jesus Christ The Reformer Ministries hosted a Kingdom Finances seminar at their church premises at Rapodile Street in Kwa-Thema.

The founders of Jesus Christ The Reformer Ministries, Pastor Byron Simelane and his wife, held a seminar in their local church that addressed a burning issue among many South African, the issue of MONEY. The guest speaker was Mr. Thabo Mahlobo.

pictured:Mr. Thabo and his wife Nthabiseng Mahlobo
Mr. Thabo and his wife Nthabiseng Mahlobo

Mr. Mahlobo is a family man, husband to Nthabiseng Mahlobo and a father to their three children Noluthando, Neo and Nokuthula Mahlobo. A very well-motivated, strategic and diplomatic man who works well independently, but better in a team. He carries a great understanding of the business and entrepreneurship environment with an amazing great insight towards the learning and development industry according to his blog.

Mr. Mahlobo in his opening remarks said that we live in a country that has high levels of crime and the root cause of that is sin and most importantly the lack of money. This has been a big issue for decades in our country as levels of unemployment and poverty continue to rise. “When you have money you have options and when you don’t have money you don’t have options,” said Mr. Mahlobo.

Mahlobo also sighted education as a problem that goes together with not having money. “In order for us to create a legacy we need to change the way we think, we need to think right,” added Mahlobo. Mental capacity helps you handle pressure and make the correct decisions. Mental strength gives one confidence and that is what our communities need to be taught. Mahlobo encouraged his audience to read books, not just the Bible, so that they can create a legacy with their mind and also increase their capacity in order to occupy territories.

“In the garden of Eden, the concept of scarcity was not there. The concept of scarcity came after the fall of man,” said Mahlobo. The rich controlled resources from the fall of man and even today we have monopolies because of scarcity. These concepts of monopolies somehow found their way into our schoolbooks so that when students are taught, they can see these as normal and not fight them.

The seminar hosted a man that is well vested in economics and has very practical recommendations to help our communities get out of poverty.