Down Syndrome: A journey with an Angel – Let’s talk about habits

One thing that’s factual but that people don’t really know about children living with Down Syndrome is that they are copy cats … yes “Meow”.

This brings things down to one point: watch what you do and say around your child, because next thing he/she will be mimicking mummy or daddy in front of the whole family at that Christmas party and what an embarrassment it would be to you.

As much as I can go on about watching what you say and what you do, the fact is that you’re not the only one raising your child. There are grandparents, aunts and uncles who are all their own beings. Not forgetting the other children at daycare, pre-school and school who may also say the scariest of expressions.

Honestly, this battle is a hard one. I, for one, am still in it. One moment my daughter knows that she should not hit other children, the next she’s smacking around other kids and grown-ups. Obviously, my embarrassing moment would require me to pull her to the side to talk about this sudden behaviour.

My only advice, really, is start early to teach your child what is right and what is wrong. With that, also spend a lot of time with them because that way, you can lead by example daily.

You can then create a “mini you” the way you would like to raise your child.

Also, avoid yelling at them as soon as you hear or see them do something you never taught them, use your words and choose them wisely because even in reprimanding, your child learns how to communicate with others.

IMPORTANT: Remember that your child is fully capable of thinking and feels all those feelings as much as you do, and the way you treat or even talk to them is the way they will do to others.


Written by Kgomotso Mphahlele


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