Boy child missing in Duduza

Image taken from the SABC News website

The 9-year-old Ntokozo Ginya who is a learner at James Nkosi Primary School went missing on Thursday 16 May after he and his two friends went to buy a kota. The boy was last seen with his friends later on that day at around seven in Bluegumview, Duduza.

It is alleged that after buying that kota, the three were walking when a man sitting in a white VW Golf called them. Ntokozo’s friends refused to go but Ntokozo approached the car. It is said that the man who was in company of two other males pulled the boy into the car, closed doors and sped off with him in the vehicle and has not been seen since.

Ntokozo’s two friends reported what had happened at their homes and the boy’s uncle was also told. Ntokozo was sought throughout the night from all relatives but was not found. A case of kidnapping and missing person enquiry was registered at the Duduza police station.

The case is now being handled by the Tsakane police department dealing with women and children. Further details will be disclosed in time. kwaTsaDuza Times is kindly urging anyone who may have knowledge to bring it to the attention of the Tsakane police to help Ntokozo’s family find him.