ANC Ekurhuleni Head of Elections Jongizizwe Dlabathi has appealed to all political parties to exercise maximum political tolerance ahead of the Provincial and National Elections on the 8 May 2019.

Ekurhuleni City’s Council has passed an interim in Council that allows all political parties to put up their posters but however there are rules and regulations legislated by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) that governs the process of voter campaign by all political parties.

“The African National Congress as the political party is the party that is leading in promoting political tolerance when we campaign for elections and ANC will continue to provide the leadership of tolerance” he said.

After the elections all political parties must remove their posters within 14 days.
“However, ANC urge all the political parties not to remove posters that are belonging to other political parties so that we live up to a commitment that our elections are free, fair tolerant and that everyone participate to the maximum” he said.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, ANC Ekurhuleni region hosted senior citizens in a breakfast dubbed as “Breakfast with the Senior Citizens” all across Ekurhuleni.
The purpose of the breakfast with the senior citizens was to honour them. The breakfast was attended by hundreds of senior citizens in various area across Ekurhuleni.

Speaking to the senior citizens, Dlabathisaid it was important for the ANC to engage with the elderly in order to draw strength and wisdom from them. He said we enjoy this democracy today because of the struggle pensioners went through in fighting the system prior 1994.
He said “Young people are today benefiting all that the democracy has brought and that is why we must not forget your contribution as our senior citizens”.
He appealed to the register for indigent program so that they can benefit from the government program.

A pensioner Fans Valashiya says ANC is the party that has brought about the freedom and he will never vote any other party other than the ANC.

“My prayer is for the ANC to see all its efforts in changing the lives of the for being better being realized. He appeals to his movement to continue fighting corruption so that more people can benefit from the services that excepted on the ground.

However, we are optimistic that ANC will be able to provide jobs for children and great grand children, and we strongly believe that they will not suffer like us” he said.

The Provincial and National Elections will be held on 8 May 2019.