ANC continues with #growsouthafrica campaigns

African National Congress (ANC) elections head Fikile Mbalula has urged the community of Duduza to vote for ANC on the 8th of May. Mbalula said this when he was addressing the residents of Duduza early on Thursday afternoon.

The former police minister says ANC members should not fight for positions, but rather focus on working together to move the country forward as well as to self develop.

MyANC twitter image: Mzwandile Masina and Fikile Mbalula with ANC supporters in Duduza.

Mbalula admitted that the party has made mistakes in the past and they have learnt from those mistakes. He urged the community to not be misled by other political parties.

“People often listen to those who keep saying ANC has not done anything in the last 25 years while they are occupying RDP houses and receive social grants every month,” says Mbalula.

Gauteng ANC twitter image: Fikile Mbalula address the community of Duduza.

Elsewhere, provincial chairperson and Premier of the Gauteng province David Makhura, and Regional chairperson and mayor of Ekurhuleni Mzwandile Masina engaged with professionals, academics and business in Birchwood hotel, Boksburg on Thursday.

The purpose of the engagement was to listen to the challenges and contributions of the professionals, academics and business owners towards their progress and the country’ socio-economic issues.

Gauteng ANC twitter image: David Makhura and Mzwandile Masina before the professionals, academics and business owners engagement in Boksburg.

Makhura says the ANC’s policies are around levelling the field for the majority of the people who are in townships and villages, and that they want to grow the ranks of the middle strata.

“You need to be organised in your various professions and work together,” urged Makhura.

David Makhura addressing professionals, academics and business owners in Boksburg.

He also highlighted the importance of activism among professionals and academics to drive transformation, during his keynote address.