A Call for Kwa-Thema To Stand Up Against Boko Haram

A clarion call has been sounded to the residence of Kwa-Thema. A call to stand up and take our Kwa-Thema back from the Boko Haram gang.

Meeting notice that was sent home with students

After the news of a new gang in Kwa-Thema called Boko Haram broke out, the community has been very vocal about their hatred for what this gang has been doing. The gang has allegedly been terrorising community members and students in various schools in and around Kwa-Thema.

A notice has gone out calling the community to a meeting that is to take place this coming Wednesday at 10 am at Ndaba Tree which is on the corner of Nkosi and Shabangu Streets.

The public is also advised to report these cases of crime to the Kwa-Thema South African Police Service (SAPS) instead of taking the law into their own hands. Working with the SAPS will ensure speedy remedy of the situation.

This is a call for the community to band together and find the scourge of crime in Kwa-Thema. The notice closed off saying, “BOKO HARAM!!! BOKO HARAM!!! BOKO HARAM MOST WANTED”