A busy weekend for the South African Police Services (SAPS) of Kwa-Thema as they took it to the streets

The Kwa-Thema South African Police Services (SAPS) conducted a few operations in full force over the weekend including road blocks, the search for wanted suspects and closing of unlicensed liquor stores outlets.

A total of 19 suspects were arrested for various crimes committed.

Kwa-Thema police worked tirelessly to assist the community in the prevention of the following crimes:

Assault GBH – 03
Possession of suspected drugs – 09
Interference with police duties – 02
Possession of dagga – 01
House breaking – 01
Theft general – 01

And after a weekend of hard work and dedication, the SAPS will bid farewell to their late Warrant Officer Labuschagne tomorrow at Lig Huis Gemeente in Brenthurst, Brakpan.